​Go ‘Into the Woods’ with Jayne Kacik – Stocker Arts Center

A Boy. A Witch. A Baker. A Cow. A Giant. A Bean Stalk. A couple of princes. Some beautiful princesses. A few Fairytales gone terribly awry. It’s Stephen Sondheim’s dark musical classic “Into the Woods,” playing at the Stocker Arts Center now through July 31, 2016. The show is presented by Lorain Community Music Theater.

Jayne Kacik (Jack’s Mother) & Jeff Kurkjian (Jack) – Shiny Penny Pictures

Directed by Dr. Ted Williams and music directed by Anthony Trifiletti, the twisted set of tales features many well-known characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Rapunzel, Jack and his beanstalk, and more.

Jayne E. Kacik is playing Jack’s Mother in this production.

Courtesy Lorain Community Theater’s Facebook Page

“I love theater because where else can you be someone else? It’s a great escape from the everyday frustrations that life can throw at you. Theater is a unique creative outlet that can expand your mind and help you grow. It’s also a place to form long lasting friendships with many other people,” says Kacik.

The theater veteran is no stranger to the stage. Along with her acting resume, Kacik is also a music director for many local productions.

“Acting fulfills a deep, creative outlet. It is creating a whole different person with a history and feelings. It’s also free therapy! Nothing like it. I love music directing. Teaching and crafting the music, and helping cast members polish their performances is rewarding. I don’t prefer one over the other. They are both very fulfilling. Each production is different from any other. Each person brings with them their interpretation and talents. Each director has their interpretation,” she says.

Along with describing her cast as a very close knit group, she is grateful to be work-ing with a lot of talent, and enjoying the message of the show.
Left Photo: Courtesy of Lorain Community Theater’s Facebook Page
Right Photo: Angela Mitchell as Cinderella (photo by Lynn Maslinski)

“My favorite moment in the show is not a part that I am involved in. I love standing in the wings and watching and listening. In Act 2 when Cinderella and the Baker are helping Red and Jack realize that in life, people make mistakes, fathers, mothers… they honor their mistakes. No one really ever leaves you in the wood. They will always be there. This is a very special message for me.”

And Kacik’s final message for patrons? “If you want to laugh, cry, and just forget about politics for now, come one, come all!”

Emma Baughman (Florinda)
Natalie Baughman (Lucinda)
John Baumgartner (The Narrator/Mysterious Man)
Jen Bertoni (Cinderella’s Mother/The Granny/The Giant)
John Carmack (Cinderella’s Prince/The Wolf)
Erin Donovan (The Baker’s Wife)
Alicia Fogal (The Stepmother)
Abby Golden (Little Red Riding Hood)
Jim Golden (The Steward)
Jayne Kacik (Jack’s Mother)
Marlene Karpinski (The Witch)
Corey Knick (The Baker)
Dr. Craig Koehler (Cinderella’s Father)
Jeff Kurkjian, host of Q104’s The Jeff Show (Jack)
Angela Mitchell (Cinderella)
Jacob Schindler (Rapunzel’s Prince)
Lilly Thompson (Sleeping Beauty)
Regina Wolf (Snow White)
Ally Yellets (Rapunzel)

Performances of “Into the Woods” take place at the Hoke Theater/Stocker Arts Center at Lorain County Community College July 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th at 7:30 p.m. and July 31st at 2:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at http://www.stockerartscenter.com or by calling the Stocker Arts Center box office at 440-366-4040.

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