It’s time to touch a truck

Need some inspiration for a role? Want to research what it’s like to feel a fire engine’s raw steel? Wonder what the inside of a cop car is like? Hoping to study the habits of a local hero for your next project?

Yes, it’s all about the trucks. Bring your wee ones and your creative imagination to Touch-A-Truck at Westgate Mall  on Sunday, August 7, 2016; 1pm-3pm. IT’S FREE.

Although not exactly one of those obvious performing arts articles, I do like finding crossovers with creative ventures into every day events. This one especially because I have an almost-two-year-old nephew who’d love this.

Do you have  child who would love to see an army truck, John Deere tractor, digger, dump truck, or backhoe? Touch-a-Truck events give kids the opportunity to sit in the drivers seat, and even honk the horns of these unique vehicles!

The description says, “Let your children have an experience of a lifetime. Children can explore a variety of vehicles and meet the hometown heroes who use these trucks everyday. Trucks include police cars, fire engines, and so much more. This event is FREE and is great for all ages.”

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Family event + research for current or future projects = fun and character study for all. There’s no inspiration like real life to give you new tools to use in your acting / directing / writing / designing arsenal!

More info: 

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