Christopher Johnston invites you into the Clown Motel

CLOWNS. Happiness. Terror. Joy. Rainbows. Anger. Fun. Red Shoes. Stephen King. You name it – there will be a strong reaction to clowns no matter who you ask. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a quirky title to garner interest in a piece. I admit that “Selfies at the Clown Motel” drew me in from theContinue reading “Christopher Johnston invites you into the Clown Motel”

Have we lost our theatre etiquette?

Today I read an article entitled “An Open Letter To Those Who Leave During Curtain Call: A lesson on curtain call etiquette,” published by Christopher Castanho over on Castanho takes issue with audience members leaving prior to curtain call, citing that the immense amount of work that goes into a show should command a respect through the audience’sContinue reading “Have we lost our theatre etiquette?”

‘My Barking Dog’ reveals the beast within at convergence-continuum

No, “My Barking Dog” by Eric Coble isn’t about my obnoxious (but super cute) puggle named Mac, it’s about drawing your own lines in the sand and then choosing whether or not to cross them. It’s about embracing the animal within, while clinging to a need for structure. With a limited run at The Liminis, convergence-continuumContinue reading “‘My Barking Dog’ reveals the beast within at convergence-continuum”

Labyrinth: A Tribute

Go into the LABYRINTH with Dancing Wheels on Friday, August 12, 2016 at 8:00pm. The company will present this World Premier at Cain Park’s Evans Amphitheater, bringing to life Jim Henson’s magical and mysterious world of “The Labyrinth.” With music by David Bowie, “Labyrinth: A Tribute” will pay homage to the genius and artistry of thisContinue reading “Labyrinth: A Tribute”

Get Ready to PARTY at Dobama

Where will YOU be on Saturday, August 13th, 2016? DOBAMA THEATRE wants you to be at their launch party! Straight from the invite about this FREE event: “Dobama Theatre is proud to kick-off the 16/17 Season with our annual LAUNCH PARTY on Saturday, August 13th. Doors open at 7pm and admission is FREE! Come haveContinue reading “Get Ready to PARTY at Dobama”

‘The Woman Hater’ – an interview with Mamaí’s Christine McBurney

“The Woman Hater” is equal parts comedy of humours, sentimental comedy, gothic/sentimental tragedy, and farce. – Christine McBurney “The Woman Hater” seems like a harsh title for a play, but this comedy takes aim at both sexes. Playing August 18 – September 4, 2016, Mamaí Theatre Company will present this Fanny Burney piece with a castContinue reading “‘The Woman Hater’ – an interview with Mamaí’s Christine McBurney”

‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ is ready to deal at Blank Canvas Theatre (Interview with Patrick Ciamacco)

“Lie. Cheat. Steal. All In A Day’s Work.” Blank Canvas Theatre is ready to roll out David Mamet’s fast-paced Glengarry Glen Ross beginning Friday, August 5, 2016. Playing through August 20, director Patrick Ciamacco is ready to expose all of the little gray areas of American morality. Kate Klotzbach: Why do you feel that GlengarryContinue reading “‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ is ready to deal at Blank Canvas Theatre (Interview with Patrick Ciamacco)”

Restorations and Online Ticketing bring Clague Playhouse into the 21st century

The last time Clague Playhouse got new seats, it was 1995. The last major renovation was in 1991. The paper ticketing system has been in place for decades. Let’s just say that Clague was due for some loving upgrades, and that’s what has happened! When you walk into the 93-seat theater, you don’t get theContinue reading “Restorations and Online Ticketing bring Clague Playhouse into the 21st century”