Only FOUR more days to SAVE THE LIMINIS

With the tumultuous year of 2016 coming to a close, there are only four more days to save THE LIMINIS, home to convergence-continuum theater company. The building is located at 2438 Scranton Road, one block west of Lincoln Park in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood. With only about $3,400.00 left to raise in these four days, the community is hoping for something amazing to happen to give a bright ending to this dark year. The hope is that before midnight on December 31st, the company can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing they won’t be evicted from “home.”
Local writer/artist Christopher Johnston gave me an email interview a few months back regarding the campaign to “Save the Liminis” – today I publish this to encourage the last push to help them purchase their building by the December 31st deadline, or lose their performance home. The simplest way to reach their contribution links? Go here!

Known as Club Juana Diaz at the time, this photo of The Liminis Theater was taken between 1941 and 1959

Kate Klotzbach: What makes the Liminis a special space, for the audience and for those who work there?428267_310715512325386_881981373_n
Christopher Johnston: Clyde Simon and convergence-continuum (con-con) are committed to doing experimental and alternative contemporary plays, so theater artists and audiences interested in that type of theater will see plays there that they won’t see anywhere else in Cleveland. Con-con features a very distinctive style of in-your-face theater, where you feel like you’re part of the play. The intimate, black box space enables actors to talk to you, hand something to you, sit in your lap, crawl above or beneath you, so it’s unlike any other theater in their serious commitment to breaking the fourth wall as much as possible. Con-con has been committed to this style of theater for 15 years, so they know how it to do it well.

See video on the Liminis HERE.

KK: If the space is sold, what will happen to convergence-continuum?
CJ: We’re pretty confident we will be able to raise enough money to at least purchase the building, but in the event that we can’t, we’re all committed to finding another space or way to continue to produce plays for con-con.

The Liminis Theater in the Tremont area of Cleveland, OH

KK: Is there anyone offering any kind of matching grants to help with the fund raising?
CJ: We have had several people offer matching grants over the past eight or nine months, but most of them were matched. It’s best to go to the website and check out the donation information there, and the theater will happily accept donations in cash, check or gold bullion.

“Booty Candy” at the Liminis (2016)

KK: Why do YOU personally love the Liminis?
CJ: Well, when I was in college and graduate school, I was able to spend a lot of time in New York, immersing myself in contemporary and experimental theater, so I have a long-held and deep appreciation of that particular style and sensibility. I also love being right in the thick of the show and not 100 feet away from a proscenium stage. I knew Clyde pretty well when he opened the theater, so I have seen every main stage show since it opened and many of the MFA and Tweener plays, too. It’s just a style and quality of theater that I have an affinity for and thoroughly enjoy experiencing. They have also done three of my plays now, so it’s been a great creative home for me as a playwright.

The set of “Terminus” at the Liminis Theater (2014)

KK: What is the final deadline for your purchase of the building?
CJ: At this point, we need to… purchase the building by the end of 2016. [We have] several potential foundation and private donations pending, as well as any additional moneys we raise from followers or other supporters of con-con, theater and the arts. We are very fortunate that Clevelanders always step up to support the arts, and it is the only full-time theater in Tremont, so we have had some good support from the neighborhood, as well.

Actress Leah Smith backstage for “Selfies at the Clown Motel” (2016)

Will YOU step up to “Save the Liminis“?  Give 2016 the chance to have something good continue into 2017 – Save the Liminis!

See video on THE LIMINIS on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.


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