Cast Interviews – LOVE NEVER DIES, U.S. national tour 2018

Playing now through January 28, 2018 at the KeyBank State Theatre at Playhouse Square, “Love Never Dies” is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s follow up to his colossal mega-hit, “The Phantom of the Opera.”

The cast members of this production are outstanding both on the stage and off, and graciously gave of their time to do some video interviews at the Playhouse Square complex in Cleveland, Ohio. For full show review, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for cast members KAREN MASON (Madame Giry) and MARY MICHAEL PATTERSON (Meg Giry) as they talk about their musical influences, tour life, advice for performers and more!

CLICK HERE for cast members KATRINA KEMP (Fleck), RICHARD KOONS (Squelch), and STEPHEN PETROVICH (Gangle) as this trio talks about their audition experiences, growing up performers, and what’s in their suitcases!

CLICK HERE for cast members MEGHAN PICERNO (Christine) and SEAN THOMPSON (Raoul) as they discuss first ever musical roles, training, advice for performers, and who got their suitcase under the weight limit at the airport on January 1!

CLICK HERE for cast member GARDAR THOR CORTES (The Phantom) as he discusses training, musical influences (including Domingo, Pavarotti, Prince and Sting!), tips for young performers and more.

Gardar Thor Cortes

For tickets to the remaining Cleveland, Ohio performances, visit, or call 216-241-6000. Prices range from $29-$109.

For my full show review, CLICK HERE.

For general tour information, visit

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