HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH is 90 minutes of punk/rock perfection

Let’s talk HEDWIG. No, not Harry Potter’s snowy owl, but the cult hit musical with book by John Cameron Mitchell and music and lyrics by Stephen Trask. HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH has been a force of nature since it opened off-Broadway in 1998, and eventually found its way to Broadway, the silver screen, andContinue reading “HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH is 90 minutes of punk/rock perfection”

Life’s struggles are BEAUTIFUL with Carole King

Put another coin in: BEAUTIFUL is a jukebox musical that spans decades and elicits joy. The Carole King Musical is not just an evening of familiar tunes, but a look into the world of one our most prolific living popular songwriters. Born Carol Joan Klein in 1942 in Manhattan, Carole King has written or co-written 118 popContinue reading “Life’s struggles are BEAUTIFUL with Carole King”

BENT is moving and relentless at Beck Center

A triangle seems like such an innocuous thing, yet this simple, 3-sided shape carved the destinies of thousands in Hitler’s Germany during and after the Night of Long Knives. BENT tells the chilling story of how gays struggle during this time, and how a simple triangle is a dangerous mark. Playing now at the BeckContinue reading “BENT is moving and relentless at Beck Center”