HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH is 90 minutes of punk/rock perfection

Let’s talk HEDWIG. No, not Harry Potter’s snowy owl, but the cult hit musical with book by John Cameron Mitchell and music and lyrics by Stephen Trask. HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH has been a force of nature since it opened off-Broadway in 1998, and eventually found its way to Broadway, the silver screen, and many stages in between.

Hedwig (5)
Devon Turchan as Hedwig and band in HEDWIG… (photo by Andy Dudik)

Ladies and gentleman, for your ultimate entertainment and pleasure, Blank Canvas Theatre proudly presents the Alison Garrigan-directed incarnation of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, which is running now through June 23, 2018. Did you miss opening weekend? Better get your tickets fast, sweetheart!

The mighty cast is headed by the fabulous Devon Turchan as Hedwig, Claire Twigg as Yitzhak, and the Angry Inch Band consisting of Bradley Wyner as Skszp on Keyboard/Music Director, Noah Hrbek as Krzyzhtof on Guitar, Zach Palumbo as Jacek on Bass/Acoustic Guitar, and Richard Kline as Schlatko rocking the drums.

Hedwig (4)
From left Claire Twigg as Yitzhak and Devon Turchan as Hedwig in HEDWIG… (photo by Andy Dudik)

90 minutes with no intermission and your face will want to crack off with all of the cheering and smiling. Your chest will want to burst from the heartache. Your soul will feel for the story of genderqueer rock singer Hedwig, as she goes from being an East Berlinian “girlboy” to becoming a surgically-altered and brazenly-wigged songster in Junction City, Kansas. Hedwig explores what it is to be male/female, and takes on gender in both work and personal relationships. But she most importantly touches on what it means to be human… and it’s all done with a plethora of glam and sparkle.

The entire company is wicked-tight as a musical unit, and the punk/pop concert is phenomenally enjoyable. The star is indeed glowing with magma energy – Turchan shines brighter than the glitter on his costume as he embodies, emboldens, and emanates all that is Hedwig. WOW.

Hedwig (31)
Devon Turchan as Hedwig in HEDWIG… (photo by Andy Dudik)

See it for the concert lighting by Jeff Lockshine. See it for all of the leather and glitter of Garrigan’s costumes. See it for Patrick Ciamacco‘s sound design and really fun projections. See it for the heart-wrenching songs and super-empowering melodies. See it for the glitz. See if for its inherent awesomeness and joy. But for God’s sake – just see it! 

What else should you see? THIS YOUTUBE INTERVIEW with director Alison Garrigan and Devon Turchan! CLICK HERE for a backstage conversation on their journey with HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at Blank Canvas Theatre.

Hedwig (1)
Devon Turchan as Hedwig and company in HEDWIG… (photo by Andy Dudik)

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH runs now through June 23, 2018 at Blank Canvas Theatre, which is located at 1305 W. 78th St, Ste 211, Cleveland, Ohio 44102 in the 78th Street Studios. Find more information and purchase tickets at www.blankcanvastheatre.com.

YouTube Link to Video Interview with Alison Garrigan and Devon Turchan:

Hedwig (2)
Devon Turchan as Hedwig in HEDWIG… (photo by Andy Dudik)

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