Cleveland gets WICKED

“It’s good to see me, isn’t it?” Glinda the Good asks this loaded question to the crowd upon entering the stage via a magical bubble in the national tour of WICKED. It’s her debut line, and it’s a question pertinent to both the on-stage Ozians, and to the audience at Playhouse Square, who is stillContinue reading “Cleveland gets WICKED”

Life is Beautiful at Blank Canvas Theatre’s CABARET

We have no troubles here. In here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. The boys are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful! Welcome to Berlin’s Kit Kat Klub, where you can forget all of your worries! The outside has no hold on you while you are in this place full of music, dancing, andContinue reading “Life is Beautiful at Blank Canvas Theatre’s CABARET”

The 20th Century Way at convergence-continuum (review)

“You can’t be charged for being something, only for doing something.” And thus spins the carousel known as The 20th Century Way, a two-person play running audiences in circles of “morality” at convergence-continuum now through December 18, 2021. Directed by Clyde Simon, the 90-minute, no intermission show is based on the true story of two actorsContinue reading “The 20th Century Way at convergence-continuum (review)”

Light It Up! CPH gifts Cleveland with a new holiday musical

Have you heard of Tinselville? If not, you will soon, as Cleveland Play House presents their new holiday musical LIGHT IT UP! there now through December 22, 2021 at the Allen Theatre in Playhouse Square. Complete with an interactive audience Light It Up Giveaway, Love Coupons, and lots of sequins, this world premiere new musicalContinue reading “Light It Up! CPH gifts Cleveland with a new holiday musical”

Pull up a barstool – The Choir of Man rocks out a raucous pub performance in Cleveland

Joyful. Emotional. Bouncy. ABOUT TIME. These are just a few of the words that express opening night of The Choir of Man at Playhouse Square’s Mimi Ohio Theatre. Running now through a just-announced extension date of July 25, these lucky 13 guys are here in Cleveland to celebrate! Taking the stage in an emotional curtainContinue reading “Pull up a barstool – The Choir of Man rocks out a raucous pub performance in Cleveland”

SLEUTH a cunning game of wills at Great Lakes Theater

Deceit and mind games are the slick vehicles that drive the mystery of SLEUTH, running now through March 8, 2020 at the Hanna Theatre in Playhouse Square. Directed by Charles Fee, this Great Lakes Theater production has enough mayhem to keep audience members guessing and gasping until the very end. Milo Tindle (Jeffrey C. Hawkins) doesn’tContinue reading “SLEUTH a cunning game of wills at Great Lakes Theater”

CLUE takes a turn on the Allen Theatre Stage

It’s a board game. It’s a movie. It’s a failed off-Broadway musical from the late ’90s. Now CLUE has mysteriously made its way to the Allen Theatre at Playhouse Square as a play in CLUE: A NEW COMEDY, running now through February 23rd, 2020. Based on the 1985 Paramount Pictures film with screenplay written by JonathanContinue reading “CLUE takes a turn on the Allen Theatre Stage”

Terror in the woods is bloody fun with EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL at Blank Canvas Theatre

If you haven’t yet snagged up your tickets for Blank Canvas Theatre’s EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL (running now through November 2, 2019), then you’d better run like you’re being chased and get on their wait list, because that’s the only way you’re seeing it now! This sold out* show is killing it here in Cleveland.Continue reading “Terror in the woods is bloody fun with EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL at Blank Canvas Theatre”

CPH’s PIPELINE a substantial look into broken system

Timely and riveting, PIPELINE at Cleveland Play House is a gripping piece of drama that reaches inside the humanity of educational disciplinary policies and exposes the souls of those affected on several sides. Now playing at the Outcalt Theatre in the Allen Theatre Complex at Playhouse Square through November 3, 2019, this Dominique Morisseau playContinue reading “CPH’s PIPELINE a substantial look into broken system”

All Hail Caesar at Great Lakes Theater!

If you are considering seeing a large, dramatic Shakespearean play where nearly everyone perishes, then you MUST run with the mobs to the Hanna Theatre to see the brilliance and the bloodshed of Great Lakes Theater’s production of Julius Caesar. Running now through November 3, 2019 at the Hanna Theatre at Playhouse Square, this “epicContinue reading “All Hail Caesar at Great Lakes Theater!”