Life’s struggles are BEAUTIFUL with Carole King

Put another coin in: BEAUTIFUL is a jukebox musical that spans decades and elicits joy. The Carole King Musical is not just an evening of familiar tunes, but a look into the world of one our most prolific living popular songwriters. Born Carol Joan Klein in 1942 in Manhattan, Carole King has written or co-written 118 popContinue reading “Life’s struggles are BEAUTIFUL with Carole King”

BENT is moving and relentless at Beck Center

A triangle seems like such an innocuous thing, yet this simple, 3-sided shape carved the destinies of thousands in Hitler’s Germany during and after the Night of Long Knives. BENT tells the chilling story of how gays struggle during this time, and how a simple triangle is a dangerous mark. Playing now at the BeckContinue reading “BENT is moving and relentless at Beck Center”

THE ROYALE is a knockout at Cleveland Play House

The match between oneself and one’s own soul is sometimes just as brutal as a physical match between two people. THE ROYALE at Cleveland Play House pounds at just such a story now through May 27, 2018 on the Outcalt Theatre Stage in the Allen Theatre Complex at Playhouse Square. Jay Jackson (Preston Butler III)Continue reading “THE ROYALE is a knockout at Cleveland Play House”

SPELLING BEE at Cleveland Play House wins hearts, hilariously shames this writer

It is a word meaning “astern” and sounding like a biological function. Being a nautical term, I am hopelessly unfamiliar with what to do with this just-given spelling word… except to laugh. This is problematic, as the two-syllable term thrusts me into my 5-minutes of fame shame on the Cleveland Play House (CPH) stage forContinue reading “SPELLING BEE at Cleveland Play House wins hearts, hilariously shames this writer”

Great Lakes Theater’s MACBETH a triumphant tragedy

What turns someone who is described as “once a good man” into a bloody, merciless murderer of so many? Great Lakes Theater (GLT) takes on this hefty inquiry in the current production of William Shakespeare’s MACBETH, running now through April 15, 2018 at the Hanna Theatre at Playhouse Square. Directed by Producing Artistic Director, CharlesContinue reading “Great Lakes Theater’s MACBETH a triumphant tragedy”

20 years later, Mark and Roger still haven’t paid the RENT – 20th anniversary tour (video interviews included)

Mark, Roger, Angel, Maureen and the whole RENT gang are back, and still not paying the RENT in the 20th anniversary tour at Playhouse Square. The story about young artists trying to make it in New York’s East Village during the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis runs on the Connor Palace stage now through MarchContinue reading “20 years later, Mark and Roger still haven’t paid the RENT – 20th anniversary tour (video interviews included)”

MISERY is darkly delightful at Great Lakes Theater

“Nothin’ bad can happen to you now, not with Annie here. I’m your number one fan.” So opens the dramatic thriller ‘MISERY‘ at Great Lakes Theater, now playing at the Hanna Theatre through March 11, 2018. But bad things do happen to famous romance writer Paul Sheldon, as he wakes in the home of AnnieContinue reading “MISERY is darkly delightful at Great Lakes Theater”

MARIE AND ROSETTA a dynamic duo at Cleveland Play House

Music, God, inner strength, and squirrel-talk are all part of Cleveland Play House’s “Marie and Rosetta,” now playing the Allen Theatre at Playhouse Square through February 11, 2018. Written by George Brant and directed by Neil Pepe, this show is a treat for the ears and the soul. “Marie and Rosetta” chronicles the journey ofContinue reading “MARIE AND ROSETTA a dynamic duo at Cleveland Play House”

Webber’s LOVE NEVER DIES kept alive by powerful cast, beautiful spectacle

“LOVE NEVER DIES” is currently playing the KeyBank State Theatre at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square now through January 28, 2018, and the lifeblood of this production lies in the awesomeness of the cast, and the pretty things that surround them. The show has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater, book by Andrew Lloyd Webber & BenContinue reading “Webber’s LOVE NEVER DIES kept alive by powerful cast, beautiful spectacle”

Rhythm is gonna get you at ON YOUR FEET!

It’s 1980/1990something and I’m in the back seat of my parents’ car on a long trip to somewhere. I’m transported here by the magical time machine known as “On Your Feet!,” the Gloria and Emilio Estefan feel-good jukebox musical that’s currently playing at Playhouse Square. Running now through December 23 at the Connor Palace, theContinue reading “Rhythm is gonna get you at ON YOUR FEET!”