MURDER ROOM is to die for at Clague Playhouse

Murder is not funny… unless it’s at Clague Playhouse, where Jack Sharkey’s MURDER ROOM is playing now through October 7, 2018. Directed by Ron Newell, this madcap mystery has all the twists and turns that are perfect for a Fall thriller. A crime spoof set in Yorkshire, England, the story begins with squabbling just hours afterContinue reading “MURDER ROOM is to die for at Clague Playhouse”

Go back in time with ‘What I Did Last Summer’ at Clague Playhouse

“Oh man – I lived this! I was this kid’s age during World War II – it really affected me. I was 15 years old in 1945, like Charlie,” muses Ron Newell, the director of Clague Playhouse’s “What I Did Last Summer.” Opening Friday, September 23, 2016, “What I Did Last Summer” is a memoryContinue reading “Go back in time with ‘What I Did Last Summer’ at Clague Playhouse”