Rehearsing a Cleveland-area show? You’re needed for a story…

Cleveland-area theater folks: this is your call!If you are currently rehearsing a production (actor, tech, director, designer, producer, front of house, management, etc.) contact me at I’m doing a story on rehearsals and performances in the here and now, as we are getting vaccinated and things are opening up a bit more. I’m curiousContinue reading “Rehearsing a Cleveland-area show? You’re needed for a story…”

Beck Center for the Arts – powering through the pandemic

The Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood, OH has a long history through the decades. It’s served the community in times of war, recession, renovations, and now the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the past year of social distancing and remote learning, the faculty and staff of this west-side arts mecca has continued to offerContinue reading “Beck Center for the Arts – powering through the pandemic”

Western Reserve Playhouse turns on the radio for “It’s a Wonderful Life” this December

“This is a brand-new show that we’ve chosen! Originally, we were meant to perform the musical “My Favorite Year,” but were unable due to the pandemic. So, we decided to adapt a holiday classic into the radio show medium,” says Hannah Hilty of Western Reserve Playhouse (WRP). This year, “It’s a Wonderful Life: A RadioContinue reading “Western Reserve Playhouse turns on the radio for “It’s a Wonderful Life” this December”

Holsinger brings Frankenstein to Zoom, chats about performing solo

“Sometimes I have the real feeling of being a kid playacting alone in their bedroom,” says Holly Holsinger, as she talks about what it’s like to perform solo on Zoom. With one performance left of her show Frankenstein’s Wake (hosted through Cleveland Public Theatre), Holsinger is one of many artists who has stepped bravely intoContinue reading “Holsinger brings Frankenstein to Zoom, chats about performing solo”

Blank Canvas does Drive-In, Cleveland responds to COVID-19

With record numbers of COVID-19 cases exploding in Ohio (and all over the country), it’s hard to feel any relief. However, Blank Canvas Theatre has created a prescription for the soul that has cured a bit of the frustration that comes along with local lockdowns: drive-in live theater. With two successful events completed, Blank Canvas’Continue reading “Blank Canvas does Drive-In, Cleveland responds to COVID-19”

Cleveland theaters respond to pandemic

A recent article by Kevin Landers is boldly titled, “Ohio Citizens for the Arts warns without federal or state funding, theaters may never reopen1.” Amidst this life-altering pandemic, alarm bells go off when reading statements like this one. It’s true – the arts are hurting around the world right now. “The rate of unemploymentContinue reading “Cleveland theaters respond to pandemic”

Playhouse Square Announces New KeyBank Broadway Season

The Connor Palace was packed full of eager Clevelanders on March 3, 2020, as everyone awaited the big announcement of the KeyBank Broadway Series for 2020-2021, themed “Escape. Dream. Discover.” Featuring live-called stage manager cues, a WWF-style announcer, a giant screen with audience Tweets and lots of promo material, and some special guests, the eveningContinue reading “Playhouse Square Announces New KeyBank Broadway Season”

Go back in time with ‘What I Did Last Summer’ at Clague Playhouse

“Oh man – I lived this! I was this kid’s age during World War II – it really affected me. I was 15 years old in 1945, like Charlie,” muses Ron Newell, the director of Clague Playhouse’s “What I Did Last Summer.” Opening Friday, September 23, 2016, “What I Did Last Summer” is a memoryContinue reading “Go back in time with ‘What I Did Last Summer’ at Clague Playhouse”

Christopher Johnston invites you into the Clown Motel

CLOWNS. Happiness. Terror. Joy. Rainbows. Anger. Fun. Red Shoes. Stephen King. You name it – there will be a strong reaction to clowns no matter who you ask. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a quirky title to garner interest in a piece. I admit that “Selfies at the Clown Motel” drew me in from theContinue reading “Christopher Johnston invites you into the Clown Motel”

Have we lost our theatre etiquette?

Today I read an article entitled “An Open Letter To Those Who Leave During Curtain Call: A lesson on curtain call etiquette,” published by Christopher Castanho over on Castanho takes issue with audience members leaving prior to curtain call, citing that the immense amount of work that goes into a show should command a respect through the audience’sContinue reading “Have we lost our theatre etiquette?”