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National Tour Video Coverage
– Cleveland, OH – Video Interviews with cast members from the 20th Anniversary national tour of “RENT” (coming soon!)

“LOVE NEVER DIES” – Cleveland, OH – Video Interviews with cast members from the U.S. national tour of “LOVE NEVER DIES.”

Promotional Videos
Visit my “Promotional Videos” Playlist on YouTube to see who in the performing arts community I’ve been interviewing and plugging lately!

“Kate K’s 100 Days at the Gym” my face
My video blog begins 12/29/2017. Can I do it? I hope this will keep me accountable! Join me each day as I celebrate or cry over whatever that day’s workout disaster has brought. I’m hoping to get some support for myself… or maybe I’ll inspire someone else along the way. Who knows! Subscribe to my channel 🙂 #AsthmaticRunner #AsthmaticJogger. Click here.