YouTube Shenanignas


  1. “Kate K’s 100 Days at the Gym” my face
    My video blog begins 12/29/2017. Can I do it? I hope this will keep me accountable! Join me each day as I celebrate or cry over whatever that day’s workout disaster has brought. I’m hoping to get some support for myself… or maybe I’ll inspire someone else along the way. Who knows! Subscribe to my channel 🙂 #AsthmaticRunner #AsthmaticJogger. Click here.
  2. “Kate K Takes on 365 Days of Junk Mail” – COMING SOON! Despite a clear note on my mailbox saying “no circulars or flyers at this address,” I continue to get pile after pile of unwanted junk in my mailbox each day. I want to prove how pointless and environmentally STUPID the practice of circulating unsolicited business and store flyers is by collecting and taking snapshots of the growing piles of junk as they accumulate over a year. The experiment will being January 1, 2018 at my home in North Olmsted, OH. LINK TO COME!!!