Talespinner Brews Up a Bit of Magic with RED ONION, WHITE GARLIC

It’s always like stepping into another world when walking through the doors of Talespinner Children’s Theatre (TCT). Now into the beginning of its “second five years,” the still chronologically young theater is making magic for all ages with its current tale, “Red Onion, White Garlic (a Tale of Indonesia),” running April 8th through 30th, 2017.

The first production of TCT’s 6th season, “Red Onion, White Garlic” is written by Great Lakes Theater Education Outreach Associate and Cleveland Play House Playwrights Unit member David Hansen.
Featuring TCT’s first all-female cast, the story is one of “two sisters, years apart–the daughters of want, and of plenty, travel through the trials, tribulations, and happy stories (or cerita rakyat) of their homeland, learning to compromise, understand and rejoice in each other, and eventually, to team together to succeed in their adventures. This beautiful tale tells the story of sisters learning to get along, and to find their own self-worth as they grow. Combining story-telling and music with the arts of sendrati (dance drama,) and wayang kulit (shadow puppetry) this tale of bravery and growth is a celebration not to be missed.”

(left) Chelsea Jordan Cannon as White Garlic & (right) Margi Herwald Zitelli as Red Onion

Director Katelyn Cornelius and the ensemble of five whimsical women have created a colorful palette of playful movement with a truly meaningful story on the stage. The sisters of White Garlic (Chelsea Jordan Cannon) and Red Onion (Margi Herwald Zitelli) have a tight-knit bond that showcases their personalities: the younger White Garlic is more bold and daring, the older Red Onion is more reserved and careful.

When the loss of a scarf leads Red Onion to an Old Witch, a journey of self-discovery teaches each sister about facing adversity. Along the way they meet an Old Woman, a Bird, a silver snail, and all is narrated in between. Their revelations are brought to light with the help of cast members India Pierre-Ingram, Dayni Mahar, and Sara Bogomolny. The performance is filled with joy, and the women are enchanting.

Showcased is the use of shadow puppetry, with the delightful addition of stained glass-like color to the dark figures that appear behind movable screens. Adding to the mystique: the stage is splashed with deep shades painted in a kaleidoscope of gorgeous deep hues on the back wall and floor.

Puppet Builder and TCT Executive Artistic Director Alison Garrigan shows off the Silver Snail

Also, new to TCT are lobby changes that include a fun photo booth, new box office sign, and redecorated walls that celebrate the first five years in photos, while creating space for the theater’s next five year.

TCT Volunteers show off the new lobby photo booth

Red Onion, White Garlic” plays Fridays 7PM; Saturdays 2PM & 7PM; Sundays 2PM April 8th through 30th, 2017. Note: there is no performance Sunday, April 16th.

The Ohio Savings Pay What You Can Series performances are Sunday, April 9th; Friday, April 14th; Friday, April 21st; & Friday, April 28th.

Tickets are $10 for 12 and under, $15 for 13 and up, $12 for seniors and college students with ID.

To reserve single tickets, or to subscribe, visit talespinnerchildrenstheatre.org or call (216) 264-9680. TCT is located in the Gordon Square neighborhood at 5209 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.

(from left) The cast and creative team of Dayni Mahar, India Pierre-Ingram, Alison Garrigan, Kevenn T Smith, Margi Herwald Zitelli, David Hansen, Chelsea Jordan Cannon, Tim Maca, Katelyn Cornelius, and Sara Bogomolny

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